Coleman Miller Presents: Uso Justo!

Uso Justo! The Latest Film From Coleman Miller.

About the Film and Filmmaker

Uso Justo

Coleman Miller’s first narrative creation is like nothing you have seen before. Or since. Or will again. Uso Justo (roughly translated: “Fair Use”) is restructured completely from an obscure 1959 Mexican hospital drama.

While the citizens of Uso Justo try to keep up with the filmmakers absurd sensibilities, their actions are all in vain, with curious results.

Existential and hilarious, intelligent and stupid, Miller reaches deep into this B&W melodrama with both hands, turning it completely inside out.  

Coleman Miller

Scott Coleman Miller has been making films for over twenty years.

His commercial work includes MTV, Lollapalooza, and the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Film Festival.

The 2005 recipient of the $25,000 McKnight Foundation grant for filmmakers, he was also the recipient of a Jerome Media grant in 2001, and a Film Arts Foundation grant in 1990.

Contact Information: splurn at colemanmiller dot com